How can I avoid shipping charges?
Every store has an option for pickup to avoid shipping charges; please review the information provided at the top of your team store. When you checkout, depending upon what type of device and platform you are using, PayPal has a few different views. If you are checking out as a guest there should be a dropdown menu for pickup or shipping. If you are logged into PayPal there is a blue link under your address that gives you the shipping charge, click on this link to change from shipping to pickup. If you are having problems, please use the contact page to ask for assistance. If you click on the checkout button the shipping method can not be changed. We are no longer able to refund shipping charges as PayPal charges us a fee to do so.

What happens after I place my order?
You will receive a confirmation e-mail from PayPal – please make sure PayPal is not on your blocked senders list; this confirms you order has been placed and we have received it. During the processing of your order you will only hear from us if there is an issue with your order. This email will come directly from us using the email address you entered during checkout (please double-check your entry for accuracy to avoid any unnecessary delays). Once your order has been completed you will receive another email from PayPal; if you selected shipping the e-mail will contain your tracking information, if you selected pickup it will let you know when and who it was delivered to.

When will my order arrive?
Shipping/delivery information should be located at the top of each team store page. The majority of orders are shipped within three weeks of placing them.

Can I return my purchase?
Due to the nature of our business returns are not permitted. Purchasing clothing online can be stressful so size charts are provided for all items – if you have a question on a specific item, please use the contact page to ask for additional information. If there is a manufacturer’s defect (rip in seam, sizing is significantly off, etc), please contact us within five days of receiving your order.

What forms of payment do you take?
We accept cash, check and all major credit cards. Online team stores are setup to pay via credit card. On site sales and emailed team sales can be paid with any option listed. PLEASE NOTE: there is a $30 returned check fee – you will not receive your order until this fee has been paid.

How is shipping calculated?
Shipping via UPSP is a flat rate based upon the amount of your purchase; see chart below: